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The Muk A G's Story

The story begins in Kolkata, Eastern India, where founder Robbie Mukherjee's,
mother and father originated from.  After moving to the UK and starting their family, Robbie was the third of his four siblings to be born. 
With his Indian heritage at the root of his passion for Indian cookery,

Robbie began learning to cook traditional Indian food taught by his parents and family members.
With years of cooking, combined with professional training, he has gathered many recipes, tips and guidance over time -
making each meal a unique experience that will tantalise your taste buds!

Robbie takes great pride in his family recipes and knowledge of traditional Indian cuisine that has been passed down through the generations. 

With a passion for Asian cooking, combined with a love for baking. Robbie decided to combine two of the nations
favourites, curry and pie! Buttery shortcrust pastry bases filled with homemade curry fillings and topped with a light puff pastry lid.
After many successful tasters with family and friends the Asian Pie collection was launched!

Pies that break the mould!
If your looking for a traditional steak and ale or chicken and mushroom, sorry your on the wrong site!
The Asian Pie company is revolutionising the pie industry with unique fillings and fun!
We've paired our pies with cheeky, memorable names and a
corresponding letter on the pastry lid, enabling each pie to be identified.

Yummy Authentic Asian Fillings
Our mouth-watering  pie fillings bring authentic, unique and traditional flavours of India, Thailand and Malaysia to your tastebuds. Made with traditional recipes that can’t be compared to mass-produced restaurant dishes. We use only the freshest ingredients for our dishes for a superior taste. Our curries are made with the finest aromatic spices and herbs for a truly unique experience. We guarantee that with Muk A G’s you  will always have an authentic taste every time. Our commitment to quality ensures that your pie  is not only delicious but also every mouthful is bursting with flavour.

Buttery Pastry
The Asian Pie Company create pies with a buttery shortcrust pastry base.  Filled with saucy curry fillings and finished with a light, but not to flaky puff pastry lid. The combination of pastry is the perfect balance with
the aromatic curry fillings inside, the result,  deliciously moorish pies!

Food Made with Love
 At Muk A G’s we believe that food is more than just sustenance- it’s an expression of love. That's why each product is lovingly prepared by hand, using only the freshest ingredients, to ensure every bite tastes as good as it looks! 

Muk A G's Sourcing
We always strive to source our ingredients from local suppliers. Choosing the best meat from our local butchers and our
flour from a Cotswold Mill. 
We never compromise on quality to ensure we offer the best-tasting food.

Who is Nanny Lena
 Our founder and head chef Robbie, was inspired and taught to cook Indian dishes by his mother, Lena. Over the years Lena has become famous for her homemade pattie deliveries to family and friends.
Lovingly referred to as Nanny Lena by her grandchildren the patties are dedicated to her.

The perfect choice for any event
Whether it's a working lunch, celebration, event or wedding. Muk A G's can cater for all your needs.
Find out more about Muk A G's Catering services HERE

Shop online
Our online store will be open very soon!

Got a question feel free to
contact us for further information.
Alternatively, visit our FAQ's to see if you can find the answer you are looking for.


Muk A G's Asian Pie's

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